Design a Fabulous Wedding Cake By Following These 3 Steps

Some brides may be at a loss as to what their wedding cake should look like because they may have spent so much time fantasizing about their wedding gown. This article discusses some of the steps that you should follow if you are unsure about how to have the best wedding cake designed for you.

Select a Baker

The process of designing a cake can be complicated and drawn out because so many factors, such as your budget and the wishes of the groom, have to be put into consideration. The process can be easier to navigate if you select a specific baker to work with throughout this process. Pick a specific baker to work with even if several people make the cakes at the bakery that you have selected. Pick a baker that you are comfortable with. That individual will gradually get a deep understanding of your requirements. He or she will then work hard to ensure that your wishes are brought to reality. You will also have someone specific to update in case anything needs to be changed in the design.

Compile Your Ideas

The wedding is your special day so the cake should be made to your specifications. Gather ideas about your dream cake from as many sources as possible. For instance, you can look at a variety of wedding invitation cards for novel ideas of cake borders. You can also flip through the albums of different bakers in order to select ideas that you can incorporate in your cake. Your wedding gown and the venue decorations can also be a fertile hunting ground for cake ideas. Present this compilation to the baker so that you can brainstorm the best ways to use those ideas in the cake design.

Think About Any Special Considerations

Are you on a special diet? Do some of your guests have allergic reactions to some cake ingredients, such as milk? Make those special considerations known to the baker so that the ingredients of the cake can be tweaked to accommodate those needs. The baker may even refer you to a specialist in case the entire wedding cake needs to be made from ingredients that meet your strict dietary requirements. Alternatively, he or she may advise you to have a small cake made for those people on special diets.

Take your time while going through the process of designing the wedding cake. This is because being in a rush may lead you to overlook an important detail that may cause you to repeat the entire process from scratch. Consult pastry makers for the best timeframe within which to start working on the cake as your wedding approaches.